Destruction in The Box
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Weekly A-League podcast hosted by Rudi Edsall, Andrew Clark, Chris Aloi and Dan Fisher.

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    King Kenny In The Box

    This week the guys finally welcome Perth to the 2017/18 season, hail King Kenny (no, not the Perth one) and even find some fresh Rat King material.

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    Back To Back In The Box

    This week we tip our hats to premiers Sydney FC, get worried about Newcastle and get excited about Adelaide and City.

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    Underdogs In The Box

    The lads are back together with Clarky back to 85% health. This week it’s all about Kantarovski braces, the Junkyard Dog breaking a two year goal drought and Andy Keogh’s menacing looking haircut.

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    Running Repairs In The Box

    It’s Round 23 and we’ve got your DIY needs covered. We discuss the merits of leaving a game at half time and farewell Total Paolo.

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    Milk In The Box

    This week the lads, sans Chrisso, go through all the excitement of four teams with varying levels of irrelevance on this season. We chat about Robbie Slater’s social media presence and two hour old milk on a hot Perth evening.

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    Djulbic In The Box

    This week was short on games but not on action; Jets had a big win, Dino Djulbic kept and there was a mini RBB.

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    Kilkenny On The Soapbox

    This week the lads talk about flares without Murdoch press hysteria, try on Neil Kilkenny’s cooked accent, fawn over the Sydney Killbots and celebrate the Jets 10 year premiership anniversary (since the FFA didn’t).

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    Ruud Gullit On The Xbox

    This week we examine the back end of the split round and chat worldies, Kurz-bots and failed panenkas with special guest Josh Parish.

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    Flexing In The Box

    Round 20 was split between powerhouse performances, pathetic efforts and some pretty nice goals.

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    Aussies In The Box

    This week the boys want Arzani in the Socceroos squad (OK, that’s not just this week), talk about the Sydney Killbots, their generous opponents and old favourite Dino Djulbic.

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