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Weekly A-League podcast hosted by Rudi Edsall, Andrew Clark, Chris Aloi and Dan Fisher.

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    Creeper In The Box

    This week we (and particularly Chrisso) revel in CCM’s epic F3 derby win and discuss wedding night creepers, Perth’s premier’s plate, Marco Kurz’s contract and more.

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    12:48am In The Box

    This week we discuss late night sackings, humiliating cannon fire, refs in academia and a 10 goal thriller.

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    AFC Approved Title In The Box

    This week we look at part one of the split round; fences collapse, City squander it and Ernie gets one over Kevin.

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    420 In The Box

    Season 4 Episode 20. We had to name it this. Clarky and Chrisso find themselves two men down. We take a look at the Pantry goalfest, a boring derby and discuss team names from across the world.

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    Sparrows In The Box

    This week we look at a couple of surprise results, a huge crowd in Auckland and consider the merits of avian warfare.

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    Magical Mullet In The Box

    This week we marvel at Brisbane’s win over Sydney, take in a goalkeeping clinic and offer to toil in Perth’s underground sugar caves.

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    Champ In The Box

    This week we look at some epic comebacks, frown concernedly at Markus Babbel and gasp in awe at the Glory machine.

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    Bin Fire In The Box

    This week we talk about THAT Janjetovic mistake, the big blue, a determined Wellington Phoenix and a couple of clubs that actually resemble a bin fire.

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    Integrity In The Box

    This week we review the teams at the halfway point, show Welly more love and mourn the loss of Our Ross.

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    Marwood In The Box

    This week we cover dodgy ref calls, the midweek madness and notice that City’s overlord has called in for his annual visit.

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    ReddyZone In The Box

    On this week’s episode we discuss goalkeeper brain explosions, centre back brain explosions, illegal haircuts and more.

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    Osprey In The Box

    Happy New Year! The A-League brought in 2019 with broken posts, broken fans. endangered birds, guns, boos, fireworks and fired coaches.

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    Sarpreet In The Box

    This week the guys revel in a Viking cameo, wonder if Respectful Matt is fully living the label and hail the best player in the A-League (according to Mark Bosnich)

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    Bastard's XI

    Bastards! Love them if they're yours, hate them if they're not. In this bonus episode we reveal our all time A-League Bastards XI.

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    #NixIn The Box

    This week CCM suffer a Rude awakening, the Melbourne Victory take their show on the road and numerous brain explosions littered Round 8 of the A-League.

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    Cheese & Sriracha In The Box

    On this week’s pod we discuss late night snacks, Chrisso’s favourites for expansion and retire a Sydney defender- tune in to find out who!

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    Respectful Matt In The Box

    This week we’re talking spectacular team goals, red cards, pitch invaders and respect.

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    No Bruno In The Box

    This week the guys Vote 1 Warren Joyce out, laud the atmosphere at Kogarah, discuss the merits of RnB festivals and circle back to kick Joyce a few more times

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    100 Episodes In The Box

    In our 100th episode we review Round 4, take a trip down memory lane by discussing some of our listeners favourite A League moments and do our best to avoid City vs Wellington.

    Thanks for all the support of the last 100 episodes!

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    ALF In The Box

    This week’s pod is Alf of control! We talk three-nil rinsings, Goodwin, Rudan and goal celebrations.

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    Glory In The Box

    This week we have the now customary discussion about how crap VAR is, heap praise on our new purple overlords from the west, discuss Mark Rudan's sartorial choices and answer some fan questions.

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    Bolt In The Box

    We’re back with a review of all the Round 1 action! VAR, Bolt, Ties, Haircuts, In-game music and even some actual football! Get amongst it.

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    2018/19 Season Preview #2

    Early season line-up changes force Dan out this week but Chrisso is back for his 2018/19 Debut! In part two of our season preview. We take a look at Adelaide, Victory, City, Newcastle & Sydney. We bait Chrisso with Usain Bolt chat and he lashes out at young people's music.

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    2018/19 Season Preview #1

    We're back for 2018/19! and we're easing our way into the new season Diego Castro style. Part 1 of our pre-season preview we take a look at the Ins and Outs for Central Coast, Wellington, Western Sydney, Perth & Brisbane.

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    Vodka, Borscht & Bert - Episode 4

    That’s it, it’s over, we’re out. In the final installment of VB&B, we cry over the Roos’ exit and discuss Russian football. Thanks for listening!

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    Vodka, Borscht & Bert - Episode 1

    Welcome to Vladimir’s World Cup 2018! We preview the Socceroos, their Group C opponents and successfully contain our excitement about Daniel Arzani.

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    Second Annual Golden Gallop Awards

    The 2017/18 season is done and dusted with Melbourne Victory coming from fourth to win in controversial circumstances and now it's time for the second annual Golden Gallop Awards recognising outstanding achievements in the field of comedy, shabbiness and general A-League-ness.

    Thanks for listening over the last seven months, the response this year has been humbling. We’ll see you next season.

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    Scorpion In The Box

    Good grief, it’s Riley Mcgreeeee! What an incredible semi-final round! We cover it all on our final pod of the season including season reviews for Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne City & Sydney FC.

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    Bicycle In The Box

    This week the guys run their eye over the two finals and give some final thoughts on the seasons of Central Coast, Wellington, Perth and Western Sydney.

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    8-2 Be In The Box

    Regular season done! We talk winners, losers and cowards and look ahead to the finals.

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    King Kenny In The Box

    This week the guys finally welcome Perth to the 2017/18 season, hail King Kenny (no, not the Perth one) and even find some fresh Rat King material.

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    Back To Back In The Box

    This week we tip our hats to premiers Sydney FC, get worried about Newcastle and get excited about Adelaide and City.

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    Underdogs In The Box

    The lads are back together with Clarky back to 85% health. This week it’s all about Kantarovski braces, the Junkyard Dog breaking a two year goal drought and Andy Keogh’s menacing looking haircut.

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    Running Repairs In The Box

    It’s Round 23 and we’ve got your DIY needs covered. We discuss the merits of leaving a game at half time and farewell Total Paolo.

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    Milk In The Box

    This week the lads, sans Chrisso, go through all the excitement of four teams with varying levels of irrelevance on this season. We chat about Robbie Slater’s social media presence and two hour old milk on a hot Perth evening.

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    Djulbic In The Box

    This week was short on games but not on action; Jets had a big win, Dino Djulbic kept and there was a mini RBB.

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    Kilkenny On The Soapbox

    This week the lads talk about flares without Murdoch press hysteria, try on Neil Kilkenny’s cooked accent, fawn over the Sydney Killbots and celebrate the Jets 10 year premiership anniversary (since the FFA didn’t).

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    Ruud Gullit On The Xbox

    This week we examine the back end of the split round and chat worldies, Kurz-bots and failed panenkas with special guest Josh Parish.

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    Flexing In The Box

    Round 20 was split between powerhouse performances, pathetic efforts and some pretty nice goals.

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    Aussies In The Box

    This week the boys want Arzani in the Socceroos squad (OK, that’s not just this week), talk about the Sydney Killbots, their generous opponents and old favourite Dino Djulbic.

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    Mierzejewski In The Box

    Round 18 and we’re covering all angles; majestic Poles, Australia Day, decent blokes, our new overlord Bert and schoolboy errors.

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    Squirrel Grip In The Box

    Round 17 was full of golazos, gastro and questionable grips. We discuss all the action and take a look at who’s disappointed us this season.

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    Decent Bloke In The Box

    This week regular programming resumes with Dan returning to the couch. The lads wonder if Newy can catch Sydney, while discussing FK Velington’s improvement and one particular “decent bloke."

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    Nelly In The Box

    Ride wit us as we talk a lot of Nelly Yoa and some football with our special guest Ante Jukić.

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    Halfway In The Box

    Woah! We're halfway there! We run the rule over each team's season while we nurse our New Years hangovers.

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    Who's Up There In The Box

    We relive Round 11 so you don't have to! We're talking VAR, a bit of football, and find a place for poetry.

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    Destrucción en la caja

    Round 10! Will our Melbourne City correspondent joins us on the couch filling in for the Honeymooning Dan to talk Derby pantsings, Victory's woes and mutual terminations . All the usual stuff including the preview of "Spanish Round"

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    Bouzanis Back In The Box

    Round 9: it's Dean time! We get out in the rain for a look at all this week's A-League action. We're talking crowds, comebacks and cooked metrics.

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    Hocking Loogies In The Box

    This week the lads talk rogue ball kids and try to make sense of Perth Glory (but have a pretty good handle on Brisbane and Victory). With six red cards to dissect there’s no shortage of fun.

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    Low Hanging Fruit In The Box

    This week we analyse a higher than usual number of goalie howlers, chat about Roar and Victory getting off the mark and notice a strange phenomenon involving the A-League's favourite elbow.

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    No Glory In The Box

    This week the lads wax lyrical about Newy and CCM, talk viciously about Perth, Victory and Brisbane. They wonder if Ross McCormack actually got bigger in the past week and then backed over Perth again.

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    Turnovers In The Box

    It's Round 5! Roy and the Jets continue their winning ways, VAR made us scratch our heads yet again and we dive into the mind of Marc Warren.

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    Kisses In The Box

    This week we look at a hectic Pindrop Derby, pay respect to Joyce's City, decide Victory are utter piss and put the mozz on Bart.

  56. Thumb 1508840545 artwork

    Vinnie Outside the Box

    The first Sydney Derby of the season is in the books and the points have been shared. We also talk about Vinnie Lia's not one, but TWO thunder bastards. The naivety of the CCM defence, if Newcastle can keep their momentum going after the horrific injury to Ronald Vargas and of course everyone's favourite topic VAR.

  57. Thumb 1508237243 artwork

    Total Paolo In The Box

    Round 2 of the A-League and it's all about Daniel! (De Silva, not Cobb). We talk Ange-gate, the Reds' late show and continue to fap shamelessly over Ronald Vargas.

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    Marginalia In The Box

    It's Roy 1! The Jets raid the pantry in the best F3 derby in years; we shake Graeme Arnold's hand, drool over the Wanderers' Spanish Armada and develop a crush on Keegan Smith.

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    Season 17/18 Preview - Week 2

    The winter codes are done, the A-League is back this weekend! This week we take a look at Newcastle, Sydney FC, Perth, Wellington & Western Sydney as well as our predictions for Round 1.

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    Season 17/18 Preview - Week 1

    We're back! On our first pod of the 17/18 season, we run the rule over  Adelaide, Brisbane, CCM and both Melbourne teams.

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    First Annual Golden Gallop Awards

    With the 2016/17 A-League season finally over and the Sydney KillBots winning the toilet seat, we’re thanking you by hosting the first annual Golden Gallops awards, recognising outstanding achievements in the field of comedy, shabbiness and general A-League-ness. Nominees include Michael Theo, Tim Cahill and Roy Billings. Thanks for listening over the last seven months, and we’ll see you next season.

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    Review In The Box

    On the final pod for 2016/17, we discuss shit pitches, Sydney KillBots, concussion protocols, AFC sanctions and more.

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    Coward In The Box

    On this week's pod the lads talk cowardly formation changes, Harry Kewell's coaching credentials, VAG-watch, and more.

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    Reddy Outside The Box

    Dan and Chrisso are back for this week's pod, where the lads talk about Liam Reddy's aspirations to play as a midfielder, the bin fire that is Newcastle's season, departing players and much more.

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    Care In The Box

    We have an intruder in the box this week, with City correspondent Will Castley joining Rudi and Clarky in lieu of Dan and Chrisso. The lads go through City's care factor, the Sydney Killbot Factory, RoboRef and more.

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    Hoole In The Dogbox

    The regular season is nearly over! It's all about who is going to make finals, who is going to get a deliberate yellow card, who's going to capitulate and who still gives a shit.

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    Fist In The Box

    On this week's pod the boys discuss the Socceroos' bizarre formation, the Sydney killing machine, squads that are already on holiday and fistings.

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    Ross In The Box

    This week the guys talk about Ross Aloisi allegedly punching Jacobo Ramallo in the back, City rocking Brandan T-shirts and some football that may have happened.

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    Hosed Mule In The Box

    On this week's episode the lads talk split rounds, swamp-pitches, Socceroos bolters, the NZ national team (really) and hosed mules.

  70. Thumb 1507506950 artwork

    South Sydney In The Box?

    On this week's pod the lads discuss the South Sydney expansion bid, Paul Izzo's customary brain fade, Sydney's unrelenting murder machine and hosed mules.

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    Sinkholes In The Box

    On this week's pod the boys talk Suncorp sinkholes, Manny Muscat's defensive nous, Peter Filopolous's commitment to worker's rights, FBK's contract maialse and much more.

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    Nutmegs in the Box

    This week the DITB boys talk the RBB's ill-advised banner, the evergreen Thomas Broich, bad refereeing, Brisbane's resilience and more.

  73. Thumb 1507506960 artwork

    Gimmicks In The Box

    On our 50th episode, the lads talk about the resounding success of defender's round, free sauce, the summer of Poscoleiro and more.

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    Boozanis Back In Your Box

    On this week's pod the lads talk racist tirades, Melbourne buses, Kenny Lowe quotes, a reasonably eventful Melbourne derby and more.

  75. Thumb 1507506920 artwork

    Monty In The Box

    On this week's pod the lads talk the Reddy v Montgomery derby, Syndey's rigidity, Perth's bizarre season, Timmy Timmy Timmy and Nabbout for the Tobin.

  76. Thumb 1507506919 artwork

    Alternative Facts In The Box

    This week the boys talk international flights, shit walls and Aussie guns and you won't believe who's been tweeting about the A-League!

  77. Thumb 1507506933 artwork

    Snakes In The Box

    We get positively reptilian as we take a look at all the Round 15 A-League action. We chat about the Sydney Derby, Adelaide's new hero and don't mention Jack Clisby once.

  78. Thumb 1507506932 artwork

    Tuna and Mayo In The Box

    On this week's episode the lads talk about Sydney's invincibility, the ongoing #SummerOfNige, Nick Meredith's 'jokes' and Adelaide's uncanny ability to play the exact same game every week.

  79. Thumb 1507506905 artwork

    Beer Can In The Box

    We're back! We have a look at the festive season's A League feast and see how each team are traveling as we reach the halfway point of the season.

  80. Thumb 1507506904 artwork

    Butcher In The Box

    On this week's episode, the boys dissect the Melbourne Derby, write off Perth, uncover a piece of classic A-League commentary and Clarky tees right off on a City marquee - you'll have to listen to find out which one!

  81. Thumb 1507506889 artwork

    Rat King In The Box

    A top of the table clash, Newy roll Perth, Brisbane's Great Dane and Bes gets busy. We cover all of the above and a bunch of other, less tagline worthy fare as we review Week 10 of the A-League.

  82. Thumb 1507506889 artwork

    Murder Outside The Box

    This week the boys - sans Chrisso - talk cautiously about Adelaide's resurgence, the burgeoning City v Brisbane rivalry, Victory's wastefulness and random profanity.

  83. Thumb 1507506907 artwork

    Clizzle Sizzles In The Box

    This week the lads discuss Paul Izzo's form, Jack Clisby's elite forward play, Besart Berisha's temperament and #Tim #Cahill's #Instagram #Account.

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    Stray Bulut In The Box

    It's week 7 of the A-League, Clarky's back and the boys talk left-field defensive signings, long winded goal celebrations, pay respect to Paul Izzo & with an overwhelming sense of deja vu, administer the last rites to Adelaide's season.

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    Dont Let Dino In The Box

    On this week’s Clarky-less episode the remaining lads talk Sydney’s flawless start to the season, their concerns for Adelaide, the newly christened Nullarbor Knockout and the new obergruppenführer in town, Maxi Beister.

  86. Thumb 1507506873 artwork

    Pain In The Box

    This we take a look at the Big Blue featuring Dave Carney, the Mariners and the Nix's first wins of the season and discuss possible Young Player of the Year candidates (not Johnny Koutroumbis).

  87. Thumb 1507506857 artwork

    Yoshi Cahill In The Box

    This week the boys discuss each other's A-League names, Kenny Lowe's baseball cap, Alex Brosque's weird head, Kerem Bulut's disciplinary issues and the odd spot of football including the seven goal thriller at Etihad and City's home win against a luckless Adelaide outfit.

  88. Thumb 1507506857 artwork

    Kenny Sent To The Box

    It's a Rudiless ship this week as Clarky, Chrisso and Dan talk Kenny Lowe taking one for the team, Adelaide being behind the eight ball again and the Summer of Nigel (Boogaard). The boys also have ample opportunity to get stuck into some classic A-League goalkeeping after an action packed weekend.

  89. Thumb 1507506881 artwork

    ‘Arry In the Inbox

    This week the boys discuss the newly anointed Tim Cahill Football League, the Melbourne Derby, Sydney's form and Harry Redknapp's emails to the CCM members.

  90. Thumb 1507506880 artwork

    Clowns In The Box

    With Rudi and Dan having temporarily abandoned their posts it's up to Clarky and Chris to fill you in on the opening round of A-League action. Comfortingly, shit jokes and references to Jack Clisby still feature prominently.

  91. Thumb 1507506841 artwork

    Season 16/17 Preview Week 2

    The other football codes are finished and this weekend the 2016/17 edition of the A-League finally kicks off! The guys look at the ins & outs for Melbourne City, Sydney FC, Central Coast Mariners, Brisbane Roar & Perth Glory and do their best to preview week one's set of fixtures.

  92. Thumb 1507506840 artwork

    Season 2016/17 Preview Week 1

    Despite our best judgement and the legal advice of a myriad of lawyers, we're back for a second bite of the cherry in the 2016/17 season of the A-League. On this episode the lads preview Adelaide, Newcastle, Western Sydney Wanderers, Melbourne Victory and Wellington Phoenix.

  93. Thumb 1507506825 artwork

    Finish In The Box

    After 30 episodes, 19 written complaints, 25 El Tuna goals, 144 matches and one ASIO raid, here is the final episode of Destruction In The Box for 2016. We talk amazing comebacks, hostile crowds, discuss the season that was and preview the grand final.

  94. Thumb 1507506854 artwork

    Fornaroli In The Box

    This week the Destruction in the Box lads talk brilliant bicycle kicks, ridiculous red cards, stupendous stoppage-time winners and all the finals action you didn’t know you wanted. There's also a comprehensive review of each of the bottom four teams' seasons.

  95. Thumb 1507506825 artwork

    Izzo Outside The Box

    THIS WEEK - The Premiers Plate! Finals! Heartbreak! Chokes! Brawls! Laurie Thomas! Ross Aloisi! Niche gags that about 7 people will get! Plus - Glenn Moss Wins, Paul Izzo Loses, Dan Says Things About Fixturing & Stefan Mauk Bashes An Assistant Manager.

  96. Thumb 1507506853 artwork

    Fully Committed In The Box

    On this week's (very loose) Destruction in the Box podcast, the guys anoint Brisbane Roar the 2015/16 Premiers, discuss whether or not Perth can actually do it and quote lengthy excerpts from award winning Kiwi author Ben Sigmund's new book.

  97. Thumb 1507506809 artwork

    Mickey Mouse In The Box

    On this week's pod the partied-out DITB boys (minus Dan) discuss Melbourne City's new-found favouritism, Arnie's status as the comedy icon of the A-League and Ernie Merrick's questionable press conference comments.

  98. Thumb 1507506809 artwork

    Keogh In The Box

    On this week's pod we take a look at the two point gap separating the top four teams, leaving us to make confused, non-committal noises whilst shrugging; make some bad Simpson's jokes, query Brisbane's away form, Clarky takes issue with City's crowds (again) and we discuss the relative merits of some of the A-League's glovemen.

  99. Thumb 1507506825 artwork

    39 Minutes In The Box

    In this week's express-paced pod, we look at a couple of brutal beatings that were dished out, make hardly any fun of Sydney FC's woes, salute City's solidity on the road while Dan shows off his true colours.

  100. Thumb 1507506825 artwork

    Calamity In The Box

    In a sweaty Destruction in the Box the boys discuss Brisbane's defending, Brisbane's attacking, Bruno Fornaroli's finishing clinic, Adelaide's ascent to the peak, the doom and gloom at Gosford and the Matilda's brilliant Olympics qualifying campaign.

  101. Thumb 1507506793 artwork

    Bruces In The Box

    With Rudi a late omission, Chrisso hosts Greensborough's favourite A-League podcast as the panel chat about the Carney curse, hot Bruce injections, the Jets mini-resurgence and question the Heart of Melbourne City.

  102. Thumb 1507506793 artwork

    Morten In The Box

    This week the lads try and make sense of the utterly bonkers Perth v Brisbane game, Chris brings back some first hand intel from the lockout city derby and Rudi gives some love to the world class level of celebrations from round 20.

  103. Thumb 1507506773 artwork

    Blake In The Box

    It's a full house again on the Destruction in the Box podcast, with crowd behaviour, Sydney FC, refereeing and goalkeeping all up for a kicking, while everyone was so blown away by Blake Powell that it's lucky the pod wasn't 55 minutes of stunned silence.

  104. Thumb 1507506773 artwork

    Jets Out Of The Box

    On this week's pod, the Jets bomb Melbourne City while Clarky nods approvingly; we look at all the talking points on the pitch and from the stands when the league's two biggest clubs meet while we're sadly light on for Lucho references as the DITB crew examine all the A-League's games and rodent siblings from Round 18.

  105. Thumb 1507506796 artwork

    Mayo In The Box

    The DITB boys sink their teeth into a few meaty issues this week, with David Carney, the FFA and Wellington Phoenix in the firing line, while the lads (mostly Chrisso) remain #LocoForLucho and discuss the liberal application of egg-based condiments in Perth.

  106. Thumb 1507506796 artwork

    Tepid In The Box

    With a fairly turgid offering from the A-League in Round 16, the boys have to resort to making gags about Daniel Beltrame and Richard Kitzbichler. Some time is set aside, however, to discuss Adelaide's form, City's imperious front three, Wellington's slide and who Melbourne Victory will take to the ACL.

  107. Thumb 1507506756 artwork

    Andy In The Box

    On the round 15 pod the lads discuss the Sydney sucker punch, the Victory's warning shot to the league, City's Caceres shenanigans (surprisingly, Clarky's not a fan) and the Adelaide fans' siren thing that they're allowed to have for some reason.

  108. Thumb 1507506756 artwork

    Snuggles In The Box

    On the round 14 Destruction in the Box podcast the boys (minus Dan) discuss the City v Wanderers epic, the Victory’s battling point away to CCM, Marcelo Carrusca’s class, and whether or not the A-League will ever manage to kick a game off on time.

  109. Thumb 1507506742 artwork

    Headbutts In The Box

    The football festivities continue on this week's episode, featuring some constructive criticism on head-butting techniques when we relive the big moments in New Year's Eve 'Miracle on Masterfoods'.

    Admissions of error, retro Adelaide United jerseys, Jordan Elsey and the Slippery Fish all get a mention as Chris, Dan and Clarky air their expert opinions on all the happenings in this round of A-League action

  110. Thumb 1507506742 artwork

    Salesman In The Box

    On the Round 12 pod the boys give Aaron Mooy some rare criticism, discuss why Victory can't win the Championship, anoint the Wanderers the favourites, and indulge in some light to medium defamation.

  111. Thumb 1507506768 artwork

    Incontinence In The Box

    On the new DITB Pod, Clarky is finally convinced on City's credentials (sort of), Dan's still beating Adelaide's drum, and everyone owes Perth an apology for doubting them.

    The guys also bemoan Jacques Faty's decision making in his own penalty area, wonder why Filip Holosko didn't take Sydney's penalty, pontificate on the safety of Tony Walmsley's job and run through their Christmas wish list for the A-League.

  112. Thumb 1507506768 artwork

    Jeggo Outside the Box

    On the round 10 episode of Destruction In The Box, Rudi, Clarky, Dan and Chris discuss the Wanderers statement making win over Melbourne Victory, Adelaide's late show against Sydney and wax lyrical about City's front three - again.

    Undeterred by the six pack he cost himself last week, Chrisso drops a huge prediction and opens up about his addiction to niche podcasting.

  113. Thumb 1507506727 artwork

    Defamation in the Box

    The lads return this week for a guaranteed 100% defamation free* episode of Destruction in the Box! Clarky remains unsold on City despite them scoring goals for fun, while Chris and Rudi castigate the FFA and New Zealand Football for the all round shambles that was the game Nix v Victory game in Auckland. Dan meanwhile has become a full Andreu convert, and all the guys like what the Wanderers are doing.

    * Not a guarantee

  114. Thumb 1507506727 artwork

    Everyone in the Box

    It's a full house for the first time on the Destruction in the Box Podcast this week, and Rudi, Clarky, Dan and Chris waste no time sinking their teeth into the issues that led to the fan walkouts, with the FFA and some journalists coming in for a huge whack.

    The lads also talk a bit of football, with a now customary Aaron Mooy lovefest, the rise of the Wanderers, and a tipped Adelaide United resurgence all up for discussion.

  115. Thumb 1507506711 artwork

    Chris & Clarky in the Box

    This week Chrisso and Clarky hold the fort in the absence of Rudi and Dan. They discuss goalless draws, hack journalists, the Wanderers juggernaut, shameless shock jocks and the West Australian sun.

  116. Thumb 1507506711 artwork

    Mole In The Box

    Chris and Clarky are reunited with Dan in this week's pod - Rudi is sitting out for some well earned birthday leave. The lads dissect the epic Big Blue, pick over Adelaide United's winless carcass and check each other for moles while casting their expert eyes over the week that was and the games ahead in Australia's top flight.

  117. Thumb 1507506740 artwork

    Blazing In The Box

    On the round 5 edition of Destruction in the Box, Rudi, Clarky and Chris sing City’s praises and suggest that the bell may shortly toll for Guillermo Amor at Adelaide. The bizarre refereeing decisions in the Newcastle v WSW game come in for some criticism, as do the FFA for their Cup final ticketing strategy. 

    The lads then reminisce about where they did on November 16, 2005 – everyone remembers exactly where they were when Aloisi put the penalty in – before some discussion about the upcoming Socceroos games takes place.

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    Squatting In The Box

    The Round 4 Destruction in the Box opens with a discussion about the ludicrous penalty non-call in the CCM v Sydney game before heaping praise on Newcastle again. 

    Brisbane's strike force are also fawned over, while Chris has a novel suggestion to try and help Adelaide regain sorely lacking confidence in front of goal.

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